Gamer Claims She Killed Dog, Streisand Clones Dog, Dog Relinquishment, Salmonella Death & MORE

A popular Twitch gamer brags that she once killed a client's dog when working as a "vet tech," Canadian dog owner who had to sign over her dog because she couldn't afford $8,000 emergency surgery after a spay complication gets her dog back, Barbra Streisand opens up about having her dog cloned, New Mexico governor vetoes bipartisan spay-neuter assistance bill, Express Scripts set their sights on pet medications, Salmonella confirmed cause of kitten death prompts raw food recall, and more!

Vet tech gamer claims she killed dogs:

Streisand clones dogs:

Dog surrendered over $8K vet bill returned to owners - CTV Toronto:

Salmonella Death Prompts Raw Food Recall:

NM Gov vetoes spay/neuter tax:

Express Scripts Turns To Dogs And Cats Amid Flat Prescription Growth